The DMFHC is dedicated to eliminating housing discrimination and promoting housing choice for all

people through education, advocacy, and enforcement of fair housing law.



The DMFHC recognizes the importance of “home” as a component of the American dream and

envisions a state and country free of housing discrimination where every individual, group, and

community in Metro Denver enjoys equal housing opportunity and access in a bias free and open housing market where integrated neighborhoods are the norm, and the private and public sector guarantees civil rights in an open and barrier free community.



What we do:


DMFHC maintains that education and outreach play an equally important role to advocacy and enforcement in the fight against housing discrimination. Regular training seminars are held for both home seekers and housing providers to educate and inform about fair housing law, as well as both consumer-rights and risk management for housing providers. Public events help to ensure that all home seekers, participants in the housing industry and community members understand fair housing law and the value of integrated communities. 



DMFHC works with the housing industry and community members to build general awareness of fair housing law, so individuals are aware of their fair housing rights under law, and so the housing industry is aware of its responsibilities. By doing this, the impact of discriminatory housing practices can be understood by all decision makes in the community, and appropriate actions can be taken to promote equal access to housing opportunities.



The DMFHC promotes compliance with fair housing law by assisting housing seekers and others in the resolution of complaints of housing discrimination. Through research, interviews and other methods, promoting compliance with fair housing laws ensures discriminatory policies are changed, repeat offenses are eliminated and victims have a source of help.