DMFHC Fair Housing Education & Outreach Materials

DMFHC Public Services Announcements

We distribute Fair Housing Public Service Announcements to community-based organizations free of charge in order to raise awareness about fair housing discrimination and the services we provide. Below are links to some of the PSAs we use. The are all available in English or Spanish. Please contact DMFHC if you would like to order some of our PSAs. 

Steering Discrimination:                          English version                                    Spanish version

Religious Discrimination:                        English version                                    Spanish version

Race Discrimination:                                English version                                    Spanish version

Familial Status Discrimination:            English version                                    Spanish version

Disability Discrimination:                       English version                                    Spanish version

Fair Housing Awareness:                         English version                                    Spanish version

     Fair Housing AFFH:                                     English version                                    Spanish version

     Additional Language PSAs:                     Vietnamese Flyer                                 Arabic Flyer

No Debate - Disability Discrimination PSA
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Fair Housing Audio PSAs

Why Not? - Familial Status Discrimination PSA
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Basic Fair Housing Information

Fair housing is a right, not a privilege. Each of us is a member of several protected classes. Fair Housing laws apply to and protect all of us. 

  • What is Fair Housing?

It is the policy of the United States to provide, within constitutional limitation, for fair housing throughout the United States. City, state, and federal fair housing laws require that all people have an equal opportunity to buy, rent, and live in housing of their choice. ​

The federal Fair Housing Act makes housing discrimination in the sale, financing, or rental of housing or housing related services unlawful if based upon:


* Race *Color *Religion *National Origin *Gender *Familial Status *Disability


Colorado law also protects:


* Sexual Orientation *Creed *Ancestry *Marital Status